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Being a mum is hard
Remember that pre kid person?
You know the one.  Guess what?  Owning my own business makes me a better mother.  It's helped me craft out who I am.
Being a Business Owner is hard
#allthethings.  OMG.  And the school run? From Social media to soccer mum, guess what? Being a mother makes be a better business owner because I'm freakin' adaptable, man!

Here's the deal: you can build a six figure income  or higher (if you want) in your own way, on your own terms, doing what you love. 

You can do almost anything - you just need to be brave and give yourself permission. (I don't know about physical time travel - but you never know).

When you know how to leverage your strengths and work smarter, your income potential is sky high.   

Whe you know what your fears are that are holding you back, you can make a choice on how to deal with them.

Give your self permission to do amazing things. 

I'll even help you figure out how.  Be brave.  

 Together we will shift you from awkward  to brave & overwhelm to oh my goodness look at  the positive changes I've made!

1:1 Coaching opportunities now open for 2020